2015 Leadership Recognition Ceremony

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The UNO Leadership Cabinet and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is pleased to announce that it will be presenting the 31st Annual Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony on April 22nd at 7pm in the University Center Ballroom. This event will recognize the outstanding members of the Student Organizations and Departments of our great university. Also, it will recognize Student Organization of the Year, Advisor of the Year, Outstanding Organizational Event, Organization President of the Year, Dr. Polly Guthrie Service Award for Community Service sponsored by the League of Women Voters of New Orleans, and the Burk’s Award.

We are happy to announce that this year, you may submit the names of students for the Recognition Awards or nominations for UNO's annual Organization Awards, via this website. Below is a list of possible awards:​

  • Organization/Department Recognition Awards: Each Organization or Department may recognize a maximum of two (2) individuals for superior achievement or a similar honor. Every student receiving this award will be recognized and will receive a certificate from the University, presented by the President. (Names of some sample awards: Outstanding Leadership, Member of the Year, Meritorious Service, Outstanding Executive Board Member, Outstanding Student Worker, Outstanding Graduate Assistant, etc.)
  • Dr. Polly Guthrie Service Award for Community Service sponsored by the League of Women Voters of New Orleans
    • $1000 Awarded to recipient
  • Edgar E. Burks Award
  • Organization Awards:
    • Organization President of the Year
    • Student Organization of the Year
    • Advisor of the Year
    • Outstanding Event of The Year

Minimum eligibility requirements are included on the submission forms on this website. All nominations are due by March 20th at 4:30 pm. Late submissions will not be accepted.

We are also asking Organizations and Departments to submit pictures for our “Slide Show” presentation. Please email these pictures to ceremony@leadershipcabinet.com by April 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at 504.280.6349 or by email to ceremony@leadershipcabinet.com, or stop by our office, University Center 222.

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